Intevo from Kantech is the evolution of integrated security platforms. Compact and easy to use, Intevo is simple to configure and includes a customized dashboard that allows seamless navigation between software applications. Intevo is the clear choice if you need long-term flexibility and easy deployment of integrate security platforms.

Intevo from KantechThe Synergy of One

Intevo integrates access control, IP video and intrusion into one common and powerful platform to deliver leading edge security solutions. The system is preloaded with EntraPass Corporate Edition security management software and an American Dynamics IP video recorder, giving you plug and play capability and industry-trusted reliability. Intevo takes security beyond integration.

On the Plus Side

Security management takes a great deal of staff time and business resources to deploy. Intevo helps you simplify ad streamline all of your security procedure, minimizing set up and maintenance time. Intevo is security made simple. Right out of the box.