Meet The Team

Bloomington Office:

Matt Trudeau

President & CEO

I believe that the recipe for a healthy business relationship is that both parties profit from their relationship. The equity output may ebb and flow, but the aggregate is equal. I have built that mentality into my business and instilled that into our team. I also believe in a holistic approach to service where we are available to our customers when they are in need. This philosophy, along with integrity, teamwork, and attention to detail, are the foundations of our business.

For over 25 years, I have educated myself in life safety and asset protection. I have worked with consultants, integrators, and directly with customers to design, test, implement, train, and maintain sophisticated solutions. A few markets where my strengths shine are higher education campuses, gaming, and perimeter protection for national and international corporations.

Personal Information:

My wife Laura and I have two wonderful children, Emma and Josh. I enjoy spending time with my family, occasional golf outings, and traveling. My life is most fulfilling when helping others. Whether it's advice for a friend, advocating for a family member, or contributing to a worthy cause, I have my wonderful parents to thank for that.

Scott Hendrickson

Director of Technology

Integrity, Relationships, and Empathy. We live in a vast world but work in a tight-knit security industry. We treat people with the respect that everyone deserves.

Your customer today could be your employer tomorrow and vice versa, so there is only room for being professional always. The empathetic approach came to me while managing a Technical Support department.

If you don’t try to understand your customer’s situation, enjoy solving problems, and get a high from fixing things, you shouldn’t be in this line of business.

An undergraduate degree in Finance and Economics helped get me into a short career in consumer finance where we approved loans, collected, and played Repo Man as needed. Next was an Electronics Degree in Avionics, which was bad timing for getting a job with an airline. However, through a tech school classmate, I got an interview and position with a national security integrator that focused on retail loss prevention. Holding positions of Inside Sales, Video Technical Support, Manager, and Video Product Manager spanning twenty years. Through those years as an integrator, I developed skills in troubleshooting, training, and relationship building. I was blessed with great mentors and teammates. I worked with MTR for many years as an integrator, so when the opportunity arose to join Matt and MTR in 2014, it was an easy decision and continues to be a great career decision.

Personal Information:

My wife of 35 years, Joyce, and I live in the Southwest Twin Cities area. We enjoy walking our pup Ginger, biking, boating, and home projects.

We have two adult sons who are off the payroll and, with their independence, are realizing that Mom and Dad are not as dumb as previously thought. We love our times when we can all get together for a BBQ and an afternoon of games.

Family and time together…...

Jeremiah Yeary

Sales Engineer

Care. In this day and age everything is fast and furious, big things are focused on, and small things are ignored and pushed aside, not realizing that those small things are big to others. It is important to me to treat every call and interaction with people with focused attention and care it deserves. I do not like to leave any problem unresolved, and will keep pushing through until a resolution is formed. People need to receive the care and respect they deserve. When they are reaching out to me, they are coming with a problem that needs solving, and we will be the team that can solve it, no matter the relevance of what we support. Those interactions build quality relationships and friendships, based on mutual trust and understanding.

As a person who takes pride in his curiosity, I try to be a Jack of many trades, for my viewpoint is that all that is learned ends up being applied together throughout life. I have had great opportunities of working in the construction field early on, in commercial and residential settings for 7 years. Worked as a Radio Shack store manager for 7 years. Proceeded to be an IT Administrator/CIO of a tribal reservation for nearly 15 years before joining the amazing team of MTR. With the opportunities throughout the years, I have been able to gain the skills of being adept at many various technologies and solutions. Managing networks; from firewalls, switches, and routers. Implementing and managing servers, physical, and virtual. Surveillance systems and hardware. Door access systems and hardware. Application systems. Down to the end user experience from mobile and desktop hardware and applications. I was an MTR customer for many years, and when the opportunity arose to join the team, it was a clear choice to join the quality crew that have the integrity and drive that look for.

Personal Information:

I live in the northern part of Minnesota and between my wife Tina and myself have 5 sons and 1 granddaughter. We enjoy keeping ourselves busy with rotating hobbies from woodworking to hiking, golfing, biking, and floating on the lake. On the down times en

Mike Trudeau

Marketing Manager

I believe that in order to succeed in most business applications it’s necessary to make certain that potential customers have a solid understanding of what you provide as a product or service. It’s critical that this message is projected in a strong but succinct manner. I have strived over my entire professional career to help businesses in getting their message across to their prospective customers.

I have been involved in sales and marketing for over 40 years. In that time I have co-founded two successful businesses. I co-founded and built from the ground up one of the largest syndicated talk radio networks in the country. I was the Director of Marketing and Operations. Today they enjoy over 800 Am/Fm affiliates. I also co-founded a successful precious metals brokerage firm that generated over $52 million in revenue over a six-year period. I was the Executive Vice President and the Director of Marketing.

Personal Information:

A decade ago, my wife Amy and I bought a ten acre property in Northeast Washington state where with the help of a few friends built a log home where we reside today with our three dogs. We have three adult children. When not working, my favorite things to do are gardening, catching fish and gold prospecting and mining, not necessarily in that order.

Kansas City Office:

Josh Rudd

Sales Manager

“Always be able to justify your price by making sure the cost matches the value.”

“When solving a problem, figuring out the (why) is generally the way to figuring out the (what).“

“Be the difference in all you do.”

“Honesty isn’t the best policy; it is the policy.”

“The art of listening can take you places you can’t go by talking.”

I have an AAS degree in Robotics/Automation and 18 years in the security and low voltage industry. I worked for an integrator for 13 years before coming to work at MTR. I was the lead fire alarm designer; I did everything, including drafting and engineering, installation, inside sales, and estimation. I cover Nebraska, Kansas, western Iowa, and Missouri for MTR and help our customers solve problems with our appropriate technology. A specific skill set I have is the ability to cater the message during a presentation to the audience and make it easy to understand.

Personal Information:

I live in Kansas City with my beautiful wife and 2 children. When I am not working, you can mind me perfecting my BBQ recipes, fishing in one of the many lakes in KC, or enjoying live music anywhere I can. I have an appreciation for the arts and also enjoy trying small independent eateries wherever I go. Let’s grab a bite sometime!

Saint Louis Office:

Bob Wethington

Regional Sales Manager

In the world of security technology today, there are many choices of products to use for solution-solving, and many of these products do the same thing minus a few tweaks. I believe to be successful, one needs to rely on relationships and trust. I work very hard to build trust through honesty and delivering or finding the correct message in a timely manner. Even if the right product isn’t in my portfolio, I will deliver the correct information to the customer asking for help. Teamwork is also important to me, and I believe in letting my customers know the company I work for is available to them at any time to assist with finding the right solution. I enjoy the work I do, along with the conversations I have daily with everyone in my network. Treating people with respect, being respectful, and being the best person I can be every day is a mode I operate in.

15 years in the Air Force set me on my path in the Security Industry. In my 15 years of service, I spent time in Law Enforcement, Security Operations, and Personnel Protection Operations. Near the end of my AF career, I learned through on-the-job training … Access Control. After the Air Force, I worked as an Installer and Project Manager for an Integrator, working on Access Control and Video Surveillance projects for Government and Commercial Customers. Next was a 13-year stint with a Higher Education institution, where I managed the Access Control, Video Surveillance, and Mechanical Lock Shop office. Here, I honed my management and sales skills while managing a 3M Budget and establishing design standards for electronic security systems. In 2014, I took a position with Multi-Tech Reps as a sales engineer working on layout and design of video surveillance and access control systems while building relationships with customers in our target markets. For the past 5 years, I have managed the operational efforts of the St. Louis and Kansas City offices for MTR. I thrive in deadline-driven environments and have excellent product knowledge, presentation, and team-building skills. My mission is to provide the best security solutions for our customers and manufacturers and to contribute to the growth and success of Multi-Tech Reps … My MTR Motto is One Team – One Fight.

Personal Information:

My wife of 10 years, Lisa, and I live in the St. Louis area. We enjoy spending time with our family and friends, all while spoiling our six grandkids. We both attend the Indy 500 and at least one NASCAR race each year. Our dog, Lily, brings us laughter every day, and each of our kids has dogs as well, who we adore. We have two sons and a daughter, who are married and each with a growing family.

Each month, we have one Sunday set aside for Family Breakfast, where Lisa and I cook for the family and enjoy the stories told and the laughter/roar of grandkids pitter-pattering about the house. We were both raised that “family is everything,” and we certainly instill and live by that motto, too. Personally, I also enjoy hunting, fishing, and cooking on the grill or smoker.



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Kansas City:

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